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A'Shante Emilien
Mobile: 832-683-0185Realty: 832-843-6185
Aleyha Deterville
Cell: 832-805-0579Office: 832-843-6185
Alfonso De La Torre
Mobile: 832-524-0588Office: 832-843-6185
Amanda Saldana
Mobile: 713-423-4509Office: 832-843-6185
Amber Bell
Mobile: 832-282-0118Office: 832-843-6185
Office Manager/Realtor
Angel Gaither
Mobile: 713-377-1964Office: 832-843-6185
Angela Pulido
Mobile: 832-724-2787Office: 832-843-6185
Angela Washington
Mobile: 832-250-6230Office: 832-843-6185
April Salas
Mobile: 832-359-0569Office: 832-843-6185
Arlene Gilmore
Mobile: 713-898-8458Office: 832-843-6185
Houston born & raised real estate professional serving Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas
Ashley M. Esparza
Mobile: 713-367-8437
A native Houstonian, Ashley has enjoyed watching the growth of the Local Real Estate Market. Seeing areas of Houston that were once undeveloped land, transformed into high-rises, condos and sprawling neighborhoods. Watching the economic growth of the city she loved, she merged her love of design and architecture to follow her passion, obtaining her Real Estate Salesperson License. As a REALTOR�, her focus is educating clients on the total process, from credit, to finance options, to market insight, helping them not only get into their home, but staying in it! With a background in accounting and customer service, she understands the importance of budget and customer satisfaction. Whether you're buying, selling or leasing, she will do her best to make the process as stress-free as possible.
Ashley Milburn
Mobile: 832-792-0495Office: 832-843-6185
Beverly Harrison
Mobile: 832-433-0245Office: 832-843-6185
Bobby McMahon
Mobile: 936-661-1119Realty: 832-843-6185
Brittany Kasper
Mobile: 713-306-8958Office: 832-843-6185
Brittany Williams
Mobile: 281-770-8209Realty: 832-843-6185
Carol Simpson
Mobile: 713-725-7066Office: 832-843-6185
Cesselie Victoria
Mobile: 409-998-3074Realty: 832-843-6185
Charlotte Holiday
Mobile: 936-202-7461Office: 832-843-6185
Cheryl Harkness
Mobile: 979-450-3508Financial Services: 936-894-3508
Christine Keith
Mobile: 832-233-7998Realty: 832-843-6185
Christy Crawford
Mobile: 832-782-8330Office: 832-843-6185
Cindey Edwards
2812221486: 281-222-1486office: 832-843-6185
A realtor that knows how to get RESULTS!
Courtney Williams
Mobile: 832-529-7049Realty: 832-843-6185
Damon Fenley
Mobile: 512-431-1309Office: 832-843-6185
Dana Terrone
Mobile: 914-355-1668Office: 832-841-6185
Darius Bridges
Mobile: 713-992-9933Office: 832-843-6185
DeeAnn LaRue
Mobile: 713-647-1375Realty: 832-843-6185
Deidra Grimble
Cell: 832-622-2136Office: 832-843-6185
Edgar Erreguin
Mobile: 832-857-2460Realty: 832-843-6185
Emany Shah
Mobile: 832-812-6240office: 832-843-6185
Erica Lowe
Mobile: 832-253-5087Realty: 832-843-6185
Evan Ramsey
Mobile: 832-470-6347Office: 832-843-6185
Gabriella Allen
Mobile: 281-985-9595Realty: 832-843-6185
Gary Crawford
Mobile: 713-823-9706Office: 832-843-6185
Genevieve Hadwin
Mobile: 713-703-1021Office: 832-843-6185
George Robinson
Mobile: 281-989-3257Realty: 832-843-6185
Haydee De La Cruz
mobile: 832-231-9976office: 832-843-6185
Jacob Pavlock
Mobile: 832-586-5096Realty: 832-843-6185
Jason Josan
Mobile: 832-608-4733office: 832-843-6185
Jenan Blank
Mobile: 713-903-6981Realty: 832-843-6185
Jessica Bastidas began her career as a Realtor in Southern California in 2006. Her family then relocated to The Woodlands area in 2008. Jessica has built an exceptional reputation as a dedicated professional with a strong work ethic and has quickly become a multi-million dollar producer. She focuses on understanding your needs and handling all the details. Her strong knowledge of the local housing market makes her an her an extremely valuable resource for her clients. Jessica strives to make home buying a rewarding experience, and with her 25+ years of customer relations experience, she knows exactly what it takes to get her clients through a successful closing. Jessica is fluent in both Spanish and English and has quickly become a relocation expert for families looking to make Texas their home. When Jessica is not working, she spends her free time at her boy's sporting events. They have four fur family members, two chocolate Labradors, boxer mix and a French bulldog.If you have any real estate needs, please call/text (832) 657-7868 or email Jessica@HomeSalesByJessica.com.
Jessica Bastidas
Mobile: 832-657-7868Office: 832-843-6185
Jessica Morgan
Mobile: 832-265-5127Realty: 832-843-6185
Jessica Ross
Cell: 713-594-7694Office: 832-843-6185
Joanie Lowe
Mobile: 936-727-9705Realty: 832-843-6185
Jocelyn Simpson
Mobile: 281-948-0422office: 281-843-6185
Jorge A. Garza
TREC LIC# 0755946
Mobile: 281-901-4714Office: 832-843-6185
Jose Rueda
Mobile: 832-279-6549Office: 832-843-6185
Josephine Saldana is a bilingual (English and Spanish) licensed Real Estate Agent in Houston, Texas. She truly enjoys working with home buyers/sellers. Her passion for helping others helps her connect with her clients and provide them with the best service possible. She would love to help you with all of your Real Estate needs whether it means selling, buying, or leasing. She will definitely be committed to working diligently and precisely on your behalf. When she is not assisting her real estate clients, she truly enjoys spending time with her children and family. She genuinely looks forward to working with you in the near future! Please feel free to contact her!!
Josephine Saldana
cell: 832-677-0869office: 832-843-6185
Judy Reynolds
Mobile: 936-203-7761Office: 832-843-6185
Jules Heggenstaller is a Certified Luxury Real Estate Agent, Veteran's Specialist Realtor, Short Sale and Foreclosure Certified Realtor and Commercial Real Estate Agent.
Jules Heggenstaller
Mobile: 832 599 8572Office: 832 843 6185
Julie Muniz
Mobile: 832-459-3731Realty: 832-843-6185
Justin Harper
Mobile: 360-270-7055Office: 832-843-6185
Justin Henry
Mobile: 281-330-9893Office: 832-843-6185
Justin Lapeer
Mobile: 832-876-9488Office: (832) 843-6185
Karrie Barkchat
Mobile: 832-922-9030Office: 832-843-6185
Karyn Perugini
Cell: 817-683-6647office: 832-843-6185
Kim Nettles specializes in serving clients who are looking to buy, sell, or lease property in Houston. She has a comprehensive understanding of the market and skillful in strategic pricing and marketing. She believes she is not #1 - her clients are! She assists people every step of the way when purchasing, selling or leasing homes, providing professional and trustworthy full service. Giving 100% commitment, Kim provides the highest level of personal service, not only for today...but for a lifetime! Your satisfaction and subsequent referrals are the core of her future business. If you or someone that you know is interested in leasing, purchasing or selling real estate, please call Kim today at (713) 598-5358. Kim's greatest reward is to receive referrals from previous clients. To her this is the greatest form of appreciation she can receive from her loyal clients. Kim has worked in sales for over 16 years. Prior to that she worked for a retained executive search firm. Her real estate career began in 2013. Kim also works in sales for the Dump Furniture Store, and is a native Houstonian.
Kim Nettles
7135985358: 713-598-5358Office: 832-843-6185
Kimberly Williams
cell: 291-650-5403Office: 832-843-6185
Krystal Schultze
Mobile: 281-827-9910Office: 832-843-6185
I have been helping perfect strangers in the Fire/EMS field for over 20 years. I have helped people through some of the roughest and most life changing events in their lives. As a Realtor, I want to be able to assist in one of your biggest decisions of selling your home, or purchasing the best house for you, or both. Let me help you make home buying/selling as seamless as possible! Give me a call and let me take some stress off your plate and get you into your perfect home!
Kyle Alexander
Mobile: 281-467-3775office: 832-843-6185
Hello, I am Laura Lujano, wife and mother of three. I was born in Mexico and raised in Houston, TX. As a bilingual licensed real estate agent, I help my clients reach their real estate goals by guiding you through the process of buying, selling, or leasing a property. I have a 5-year background in the Digital Marketing Area which is a major plus in this industry. I will use all my marketing techniques to promote your home until it's marked SOLD!I go above and beyond to get you home!
Laura Lujano
Cell: 832-930-0340Office: 832-843-6185
Lina Nunez
Mobile: 832-492-4167Office: 832-843-6185
Linda Kleppel
Mobile281: 281-799-5775Office: 281-843-6185
I am happy to assist you in your home search process. I am confident that, working together, we can find your dream house. It would be helpful if you would take a few minutes to work through these questions. Your answers will not only help me do a better job for you, but they may also help you get clearer on what’s most important to you in your next home.
Lisa Williams
Mobile: 832-593-5506Office: 832-843-6185
Makena Hekymara
Mobile: 832-290-1633Office: 832-843-6185
I have recently been exploring the world of real estate and I am excited to see where this journey takes me. I am interesting in learning as much as I can and look forward to working with other successful realtors.
Mariah Mungia
Mobile: 832-691-1618Realty: 832-843-6185
Being born and raised in this beautiful city of Houston, TX, Mark knows the city like the back of his hand. From affordable housing to established luxury living, Mark can accommodate your real estate needs and find the right home for you. His professional career encompasses all aspects of real estate, initially laying his foundation through commercial developments and later branching out to local governments. As he transitions into serving the community through residential real estate, Mark's aspiration is now fixated on providing you the keys to your dream home.
Mark Esparza
Mobile: 832-420-0464Office: 832-843-6185
Mary Alice Davila
Mobile: 832-928-0858Office: 281-843-6185
Melissa Cole
Mobile: 281-615-0031Realty: 832-843-6185
Meriem Bustos
Mobile: (713) 269-9164Fax: 832-479-0500
Monica Quintero
Mobile: 832-563-3294Office: 832-843-6185
Nancy Betancourt
Mobile: 832-208-9728Office: 832-843-6185
Nikki Smith
Mobile: 832-778-1031Office: 832-843-6185
Nikky Banjoko
Mobile: 281-785-5685Realty: 832-843-6185
Patricia Roberts
Mobile: 713-504-4075Realty: 832-843-6185
Patti Diller
Mobile: 281-961-3233Mobile: 832-843-6185
20+ years RE experience in NW Houston, Spring and TomballGraduate Realtor Institute, Accredited Staging Professional, Seniors RE Specialist, TAHS and e-ProAvailable for staging and property description assistance.
Reena DeSanto
Mobile: 832-867-8694Office: 832-843-6185
Rhonda Patterson
Mobile: 832-684-6656Office: 832-843-6185
Rita Rico
Ronnie Kleppel
cell: 281-799-5520office: 281-843-6185
Shana Naylor
Mobile: 929-800-1962Office: 832-843-6185
Staci Sisley
Mobile: 281-253-8662Office: 832-843-6185
Stacy McNeill
Mobile: 281-451-7612Realty: 832-843-6185
Tamara Mimms
Cell: 832-352-2587Office: 832-843-6185
Tanna Young
Mobile: 832-402-0149Office: 832-843-6185
My name is Teresa "Terry" Neveu, I am a real estate agent with Southern Star Realty. I am a native Houstonian with over eight years' experience in new homes, resale residential, lots, townhomes, and condominiums. My real estate expertise is listening to my client's needs and wants so that I may be able to help them find their dream home. Communication is always important when it comes to my clients. Every client is important to me, I am always there to answer their questions at any time of the day.
Teresa "Terry" Neveu
Cell Phone: 832-577-7417office: 832-843-6185
Terry Hall
Office: 832-656-0024Office: 832-843-6185
Tristyn Lipperdt
Mobile: 832-247-7400Office: 832-843-6185
Ursella Waller
2818257057: 281-825-7057Office: 832-843-6185
Valerie Shumate
Mobile: 832-790-6748Office: 832-843-6185
Vanessa Ramirez
Mobile: 281-804-6824Office: 832-843-6185
Veronica Ontiveros
Cell: 936-827-9083Office: 832-843-6185
Victor Holguin
2818419592: 281-725-7113Blank: 832-843-6185
Yvette Balli
Mobile: (832) 928-9818Office: (832) 834-6185
Yvonne Loredo
Mobile: 832-997-2238Office: 832-843-6185
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